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Welcome to our classroom.  We will be exploring, learning and enjoying making new friends this year.  Stay tuned to weekly events, newsletters and links to great resources to help support your child this academic school year.


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This week in 1st grade

We are having spelling this week: pattern "sh", test Thursday.
Wednesday we have our winter celebration from 10:30-12:15 with Mrs. Smith's class.  Please join us if you can!
Winter break Friday, Dec. 23-Sunday Jan. 8

Unit Celebration and 1,000 points on Class Dojo

Students have earned more than 1,000 points on Class Dojo within 15 days of school! To celebrate how peaceful our classroom environment has been, we are going to celebrate in class tomorrow.  Students wanted to wear: blue or green clothes (peaceful colors) or pajamas to school. They also wanted to bring in food (popcorn, popscicles, etc.)  This is optional but should be fun! We published our cool down book and will be sharing with classes tomorrow. 
Students are taking action to prepare for our Monday all school assembly at the flag salute to show ways in which they think can help our community at school be a more peaceful environment.  They will be sharing at 8:10am on the blacktop. 
Go First Graders!!!

Play-doh fun!

*Please consider making some play-doh as practice for spelling/sight words at home and for our class.  If you decide to make some, please bring it to school in a zip lock bag.  Thank you~

What you Need:
1 cup flour, 
1/2 cup salt
, 1 cup water, 
2 tablespoons oil, 
2 tablespoons cream of tartar, and  
Food Coloring

What you Do:
1. Mix all ingredients but food coloring, adding in the water last and slowly as you stir it over medium heat.
 2. Continue to stir until it gets stiff.
 3. Once all the liquid is gone, place it onto wax paper and let it cool.
 4. Knead the dough until it is the right consistency to use for play dough.
 5. Use whatever food coloring you want. You can make all one color or divide it up into many.

C12 Schedule 2016-2017

Monday- Return Friday Folders & P.E. (wear or bring athletic shoes)
Tuesday- Spanish
Wednesday- P.E. (wear or bring athletic shoes) & Minimum Day
Thursday- Spanish, P.E. (wear or bring athletic shoes) & Library (students get to check out 2 books, return or renew)
Friday- Music & Friday Folders sent home- go through left at home and right back to school paperwork/activities