Thank you - gracias - everyone who attended the Lexington Spanish Showcase at the Board meeting last month, and who attended our morning presentation the next day, Wednesday. I was able to explain a bit about our program. It is a Foreign Language in the Elementary School program (FLES for short). In this type of program we follow the California standards for foreign language teaching, incorporating the four modes of communication - listening, speaking, reading and writing. Another type of elementary school language program is dual immersion - a program which will lead to fluency due to the 3 hours or so students spend daily immersed in the language. Our total minutes K-5th in the FLES program is different, equal to about what you get in 2 years at Fisher Middle School or one year at the High School, since students have Spanish class about 90 minutes per week at Lex, (40 minutes weekly in Kindergarten). Our program, therefore, is Spanish one - spread out over the six years at our school. Students will have a good introduction to basic Spanish.  The advantages of beginning language study early is usually a good accent and less self consciousness about speaking, as compared to many older learners.  Only an immersion program, though, will produce fluency. We incorporate conjugating verbs and other grammatical points primarily in fifth grade. In the earlier grades we use a more 'Whole Language' approach, as is usual in the lower grades in English as well as in foreign language.
Please let your child read all of their work to you as they bring it home; they've spent time learning in class and it helps greatly to reinforce it again at home. For additional independent activities at home please see my newsletter on the Lex website. As always, 'muchas gracias' for your support of your child's Spanish learning!