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Lexington School aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. As an IB World School, Lexington encourages students to become ethical citizens of the world who are active, compassionate, lifelong learners.

A Message from Your Principal

September 19, 2018

Dear Families,


Thank you to the parents who have already volunteered to be part of our all school Multicultural Festival this Friday September 21st! It is not too late to share something-a tradition or custom, a craft, dress, practice, artifact-from your family’s background. It can be very simple or as complicated as you like! The goal is for our students to understand each other, to learn that even though there are differences between us, we are all humans sharing the same planet. Please speak to me or email me if you would like to participate! We hope all of you will be able to stop by between 9:00 and noon.


A special thank you to Mrs. Vaden and the fifth grade study trip drivers and chaperones that transported students to and from from Angel Island last Thursday. We are so lucky to have the site of a former United States Bureau of Immigration, inspection and detention facility, which fits so perfectly into the fifth grade Where We Are in Place and Time unit on migration, so close by. Please know that the students had an unforgettable learning experience and that important history was literally brought to life for them. The Angel Island trip will stay with them long after the fifth grade, and may even be life changing. Thank you all for making it possible!


At PYP schools, students make connections every day. This Friday, many fifth grade students will be able to interview parents at the Multicultural Festival and hear personal stories of immigration, and they will be able to compare and contrast what they have already learned about the experiences of those who came through Angel Island and Ellis Island. The personal stories are so important because they have the power to change perspective. Thank you in advance to our participants!


Movie Night was extremely successful! It was so much fun to see students decked out in their jammies! The proceeds offset the cost of Science Camp for each fifth grade student, so thank you all for attending, and thank you to the fifth grade parents for all of your hard work to create such a fun experience for our community!


The Jogathon is right around the corner! Make sure to mark your calendar with the date October 12th and stay tuned for important details!

I am reaching out to the community to let you know that we are always looking for yard duty personnel to work from 12:00-12:50 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays during lunch recess. If that might work out for you, please let Ms. Mayo know. We always welcome you to drop in during lunch as well. Students cannot have too many caring adults in their lives!


Thank you for all that you do for Lexington School!

All my best,

Ms. Lauren