Welcome, readers, to the beautiful Lexington School Library - upstairs on the far right - where we encourage a lifelong love of reading and exploration, global connections, and support the IB Programme the Cornerstone Initiative.   
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the library is currently CLOSED.
So sorry.  
We hope you are all staying safe and healthy.  Unfortunately, the local public libraries are also closed, so let's go DIGITAL!!
While you are out of school, I would like to offer you some resources to help you find books to enjoy.  There are many online sites that you can access to find e-books and audio books - see the links on the right, including an updated list from LGUSD.  And I am hoping to present a "Book To Movie" web club to discuss books made into films.  More information to follow.  Yea!  
I also invite you to log on to our Lex Library Blog, to share reviews of your favorite books with your friends, and find out what they are reading.  If you would like to share a review of a book you have enjoyed, send me an email with a review that you have written, and I will try to put it into the blogsite to share with your schoolmates.  Let's make a cool list!  

LGUSD students will be able to borrow e-books from their school libraries and from the Santa Clara County libraries using Sora, the K-12 e-book interface from OverDrive. The school libraries will have a small collection of "classics" to begin, and the Santa Clara County libraries are continually adding e-books for children every day.  Parents may want to accompany students onto the site the first time, to show how to do filters and to get to the Saratoga Library collection for more choices.

Students can use their Google credentials at https://soraapp.com/library/lgusdca to see the LGUSD library, connect to the Santa Clara County Library system, and start accessing e-books and audiobooks right away. Check the District Library Resources remote learning page for instructions, video tutorials and more.


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Library hours and class schedules will be posted for next year in August.