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Lexington Home and School Club

The Lexington Home and School Club is comprised of the parents of Lexington School students and staff. Approximately 95 to100% of Lexington families join this club each year.
Working closely with Lexington teachers and staff, these members raise funds and sponsor events for various services and supplies which enrich our school and its programs, most importantly our International Baccalaureate program. You will also see HSC members working in our garden to help keep it beautiful. Our school would not be what it is today without our Home and School Club!
Meetings are open to everyone and typically held the first Wednesday of the month.

Check out the Lexington HSC's own Website HERE. This site is neither owned nor operated by Lexington Elementary School or the Los Gatos Union School District.
If you are an alumnus or current family and would like to participate in a social media platform, the HSC has created the Lex HSC Facebook Page HERE.
The most up to date and accurate information will be found on the school website and in the Wednesday "Lexington Link" email.