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SARC Report

The School Accountability Report Card or SARC is a document containing information about each school site as reported to the State. LGUSD has provided the SARCs in pdf format for your review.

LEAs must annually publish SARCs by February 1.
According to state and federal law, LEAs must annually update and disseminate SARCs to provide current information to parents and other members of the public. The CDE interprets "annually" to mean "once in each school year." In most years, some of the required data may not be available until the end of October or later. Therefore, the preparation of report cards that comply with State Board of Education (SBE)-adopted requirements governing content and definitions may not be complete until November.
Since SARCs must be prepared and disseminated before the end of the school year to comply with the law, LEAs must prepare and make available new SARCs sometime during the period of November through February 1 of each year.


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