Pathways to Multilingualism » The TK-5 “Personal Progress Award for Home Language(s)"

The TK-5 “Personal Progress Award for Home Language(s)"

This program is designed to encourage all TK-5 students to practice and progress in their home language(s). If you and your child are interested in practicing your home language(s) at home and receiving a certificate and recognition from peers each month, read and fill out this application. Email it to Mr. Deppong or bring in a hard copy to your child’s teacher.


Next, Mr. Deppong will send you a Monthly Goal Google Form to fill out with your family. At the beginning of the next month, you will receive a new Monthly Goal Google Form where you will reflect on last month's goal and then create a new goal for the new month, and so on throughout the year. If you complete your monthly goal, you will receive a "Certificate of Completion" and receive recognition at an upcoming assembly!


Here is a list of ideas to help you choose your language goal(s) for the month.