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Student Departures & Campus Visitations

We have been entrusted with the safety and overall care of your child. If it is necessary for your child to be released during the school day, you must first come into the office. The school administrative assistant will call the student's classroom and have him/her sent to the office. The parent must then sign the student out before leaving with the child. If someone other than the parent is picking up the student, a note identifying the person along with permission for us to release your child is needed. These procedures are for your child's protection!
Visitations and Volunteers
Parents may visit to help in the classroom or at the school if requested by the teacher or administration ahead of time. Unannounced visits are not allowed. A phone call to the office to inform us of your visit is required. This is for student and staff safety.
All visitors on campus must be registered as a volunteer and cleared by the office at least 48 hours ahead of time before their first visit to campus or they will be turned away. We want to avoid this awkward possibility!
You will receive an email or call from our office that you have been cleared. When you arrive, check into the office, sign in, and obtain a visitor's pass before leaving the office for the classroom. Be sure to return your pass and sign out when you leave so if there is an emergency, we know you have already left.
If your child wishes to bring a "child visitor" to class, prior permission from the principal must be obtained. Child visitors are typically not allowed as they can be very disruptive to the class and the teacher has to prepare additional resources. Child visitors must also fill out the volunteer form above.