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Emergency Cards
Each student must have all the necessary emergency cards completed. It is important that we are able to contact parents in case of serious illness or accidents. One emergency card is kept in the school office, another is kept in the classroom, and a third is taken on all field trips. It is very important that you keep emergency information updated throughout the school year. If you change jobs or residence or if people listed on your emergency back-up list change phone numbers, please notify use with the changes immediately. Also be certain that people listed on the emergency card have been notified that they may be called upon to pick up your child in an emergency situation.

First Aid and accident procedures are followed by the Lexington staff. All accidents are reported to the office. Each teacher has a first aid kit in the classroom for minor injuries. Students with more serious injuries or illness are sent to the office. The nurse and the parent are called in any emergency situation. If a parent cannot be contacted, the person designated on the emergency card will be called.