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This is the school newsletter emailed home every Wednesday. If you are not receiving it, inform the office immediately as there is timely information regarding events, minimum days, and important surveys or messages that you need to review to stay in the loop.
ParentSquare will used to send messages and newsletters starting in 2022-2023. Be sure you are registered! 
Los Gatos School District Information
The Superintendent will send out bulletins to parents about district information as issues arise during the school year. The Los Gatos School Board meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month. Parents are invited to attend. District meetings are held at the District Office behind Fisher Middle School. Board agendas are posted online prior to the meetings. For more information, go to the Los Gatos School District Website.
Phone Messages
Emergency messages from parents to pupils at school will be handled promptly at any time. Routine plans for the day should be made known to the child before he/she leaves for school. This will assist the office and will eliminate classroom interruptions. The office phone is a business phone and students are not given permission to use it for making social plans. Those should be arranged between parents and students the night before.
Always call the office if you want to get a message to a student during the day instead of emailing or trying to call the teacher. The teacher is busy teaching during the day and sometimes they might have a substitute. 
We expect things to run smoothly. However, considering the large number of people involved in a community school situation, this is not always the case. Problems are best resolved through an open communication process and the Board of Trustees has an adopted policy for handling such situations. Basically, the policy is to talk with the person involved before contacting a higher level. You are encouraged to contact the teacher, principal or appropriate staff member when the need arises.